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We're working hard to bring you new stories.

Over the next 24 months we have 8 films and 2 television pilots slated for development. Stay tuned!


Worthy is the story of David Baker, a teenage boy from an abusive, dysfunctional home, who is struggling with his sexual identity and planning to end his life. The day he decides to go through with it, he is discovered by Jayson Wall, a school classmate, who happens to be his neighbor. Jayson talks him out of trying to do it and they begin spending much time together. David is into sports, and Jayson loves to watch boxing, so he suggests that David try boxing. David loves it and begins to find his own place, his inner champion, and self-esteem, with the support of his new friend – and the sport of boxing. But David hasn't told Jayson his secret yet, about his sexual identity, and he is afraid Jayson won't want to be his friend anymore, and worse yet, David might be falling in love with him.


Principal photography anticipated to start in AUGUST 2024 in the Salt Lake City metro area(s), Utah.


Stained Glass is the story of Rita Mendez, a devout Catholic and mother. One evening after returning home from work and the grocery store, she finds her 15-year-old son, Manuel, dead in his room. He committed suicide. It made no sense. Manny was a happy kid. He got good grades, was funny, and was well-liked by everyone. Rita demanded answers. She becomes convinced that her son must have been the victim of bullying, mistreatment, or maybe even sexual assault -- something. Rita sets out on a quest to get answers, and maybe even revenge if someone deserved it. Soon she sets her sights on Father Sullivan. She tries to go through the church, without success. So, taking matters into her own hands, she makes a terrible mistake that will forever lead to life-altering events.


Principal photography anticipated to start in JUNE 2024 in the Salt Lake City metro area(s), Arizona.


Strangers is the story of Barbara Smith, a married licensed social worker with two children. Her life is great. Barb had an amazing childhood, has a slightly younger brother who was like a best friend growing up, and parents that gave them everything they ever needed.  Her parents were doting and loving and they helped prepare them for adulthood. They were great examples of a family who inspired love, not only of each other, but for all people. So you can only imagine how Barbara's world was nearly destroyed when she heard the news that her mother, Martha, had cancer. Stage-four cancer. Then, while visiting her mother at the hospital, she got some news from the doctor that was very confusing. Soon secrets would unravel that make her feel like her parents are strangers.


Principal photography anticipated to start OCTOBER 2024 in the Salt Lake City metro area(s), Utah.


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